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Hey there! You've just stumbled upon the hub of one of my oldest and strongest obsessions! I got my very first webkinz for christmas when I was six years old! The very first one I got was my husky, Fifi, but I opened SPOTS the dalmation and Brownie the brown lab that same day. From that moment on my days were filled with kinztube videos, saving up all my money for plush, and even a couple webkinz roadtrips. Through the years I've never sold, traded, or gotten rid of a single one of my webkinz. I'm twenty-one now and still going strong in my collection! I love to take my webkinz out with me, photograph them, and film videos with them!

I made a kinztube when I was twelve (and I still post on it to this day). And of course, like many kinztubers from back in the day, I created Lore for my plush! The story has changed mutiple times, and some of my kinz have gone through multiple character iterations. But nowdays I've created new lore attempting to tie in elements of the website as well as my plush. This is my "official" lore for my personal plush collection! Most of my skits and chracter spotlights will have this as the background, so if you'd like to know about my 'kinz, this is a great place to start!

The history of Kinniaz

Our story begins on earth, after an event that wiped out the planet. Something so terrible that is has been ommitted from history to prevent it from ever happening again.

Only a small group of humans survived. Fortunately they planned ahead. The pioneer 1 is a massive ship, stocked with the genetic makeup for generations of humans and animals. The humans know that they're isn't enough of them left to man the entire ship, but they had a plan for that too... The humans found a way to genetically alter an animal to be as smart as a human. They mark these animals with a gold W so they can tell them apart and call them "webkinz."

The humans and the webkinz leave earth behind in search of a new place to call home. Little is known about the Pioneer 1 expedition, but what is known is the tradgedy of it. Somwhere between earth and their destination, all the remaining humans died. No body knows how. Even the human genetics in the ships supply dissapeared, rendering the humans extinct.

The webkinz arrived alone on a habitable planet that they dubbed "Kinniaz." The only planet they could find with the right atmosphere, planet life and water to sustain earths leftovers. The planet already had life on it, with zums running wild and Zingoz villages. The webkinz were quick to make an alliance with the Zingoz, and were granted land to create their new colony.

The polar bear, Taiko, was appointed the high king of Kinniaz and was put in charge of organizing the colony. Everyone was assigned jobs, and the webkinz worked together to build their new society together. With each generation, Taiko would appoint another to rule alongside him. Sebastian the brown bear, Minka the panda, and Ursula the black bear. Together, the bears make up the kings and queens of Kinniaz.

As the webkinz began to settle and start families, they noticed that some of the children looked different. Their appearance was still animal, but different in shape to the animals of earth. So, in keeping with the tradition of their origins, they marked these children with a W - rainbow instead of gold, to signify new beginning. Some children still looked identical to earths animals, however. Those they marked with a golden W in memory of their lost home planet, and they called them "signatures."

By the fourth generation, the animals being born were vastly different from their original form. Dogs were being born with colorful fur, patterns like hearts and clover in rainbow colors. Horses with wings and horns, lizards with long necks and wings. The webkinz were something completely new! But there was a problem...

The majority of fourth generaion webkinz were being born infertile. Only the occasional signature born in the fourth generation was able to have children, all the colorful animals were incapable.With the genetics in the Pioneer 1's supply depleteing, the threat of extinction loomed.

The Kings and Queens of Kinniaz have made it their top priority to find answers. The head Genetecist of Kinniaz - George the Lion - quickly found the cause. The unnatural mutations the humans had given the earth animals were growing stronger with each new generation. Many of the webkinz were more mutation than actual animal by now, and it seemed to be affected by the magic present in Kinniaz as well. Everyone began scrambling for a solution.

They needed a way to replace some of the mutation with pure, organic genes. They didn't have enough supply in the Pioneer 1 to rely on. George tried to use species native to Kinniaz, but it wasn't working. He needed something new to work with, but the expeditions farther into Kinniaz were yielding no results.

In a final effort, King Taiko announced the "Horizons expedition." A crew of signatures would board a ship and, for the first time since their arrival in Kinniaz, leave the planet. Signatures were more resilient to the harsh conditions of space and so were chosen to make up most of the crew. Their goal is to venture into unkown reaches of space, and find something that can reverse the mutation, and save kinzkind.

Godspeed, horizons.

Species of Kinniaz

Kinniaz is home for many animals and native species. Many Complex systems and lifestyles have formed on the planet since it's inception. In the early years, most of the webkinz time was spent on survival, but with farms and material collection well established, things have changed. By the fourth generation, Kinniaz capital city kinzville hosts shops, schools, cinemas... Everything amenity you might have found in a 20th century human city! The webkinz live a comfortable life these days! The various types of webkinz and native species co-exist happily together and things run smoothly.

"Regular" webkinz

Webkinz as a blanket term applies to all the species originating from earth, but typically a "regular" webkinz refers to anyone who was given a rainbow W. Everything from lizards to elephants to caterpillars! Regulars make up the majority of the population. Unfortunately the also the only ones affected by the infertility. All regulars have a higher mutation content than signatures, but some more than others. A caramel lion is usually safe fine, but a love lion likely will not be able to have children. This is the issue that needs to be fixed! For the sake of the regulars, and all of kinzkind! It is not impossible for a regular to have signature offspring, but it is very unlikely.

Signature webkinz

Signature refers to any webkinz with a golden W. These webkinz resemble the animals that used to live on earth much more closely. Every webkinz that came over on the Pioneer 1 was a signature, and the regulars are their offspring. It's very rare for a signature to be born these days, but it does happen. Signatures are larger than regulars and able to withstand higher stakes, which is why the crew for the Horizons expedition consists of mostly signatures. They often take more difficult jobs because they're better at handling them.

Mazin hamsters

When the earth animals were muatted, the hamsters, for whatever reason, reacted differently. Hamsters still acquired human-levels intelligence but they were unable to speak human languages, and they remained much smaller than other species. The hampsters adapted by creating their own language using squeaks and body language, but there has always been a gap between them and the other webkinz. Their small size put them in danger during the construction of kinzville, as the large signatures often didn't see them and almost stepped on them. To fix this, King Taiko gave the hampsters their very own land on the edge of Kinzville so they could build a home that suited them best. They call this place Hampster Hamlet. Some Mazin Hampsters choose to live in Kinzville anyway, but the majority reside in the Hamlet where they are suited best. They, like the regulars, are experiencing strange mutations, but it's unclear if their species is at risk like the regulars.

Zum buddies

Zum buddies are a species native to Kinniaz. They are non cognisiant. The Zingoz already had Zums when the webkinz arrived and used them as livestock. The webkinz adopted the same habit and started keeping zums when they arrived. Some of the carnivores eat them, others refuse to, and make up their meat diet entirely of bugs. The hesitation likely stems from the fact that many webkinz have taken to keeping Zums as pets. Zums are still being studied in the wild by E.L.F agent Tulip


Zingoz are the intelligent species native to Kinniaz. They live in tribal civilizations, with villages scattered throughout Kinniaz. They're usually peaceful, and currently in good standing with the webkinz. They tend to stay in their villages and don't venture into webinz colonies very often, but sometimes they'll come into towns to trade or endulge in the amenities the webkinz have created. They speak a different language, but some have learned a little english, and several webkinz have learned zingish as well. King Taiko is always careful to maintain good relations with the Zingoz, and they have not had any issues.