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I have grown fed up with algorithms, censorship, and corporations stealing my information and work to sell. Because of this, I have decided to make my own website to host my content on despite having ZERO idea how the hell coding works

I'm using a free layout for now while I try desperatly to learn how to make a cool and unique layout. Hopefully nobody minds. I figure I should focus on structure before style and go from there.

Eventually I would like to have everything on here... My Ninja turtles fan iteration, my webkinz lore summary, my alien storyline and my Dog story! I have lots of art and worldbuilding for all of them and would love to have them organized in one space. I even want to post my ninja turtles comic on here in it's entirety... eh, as soon as I figure out how to do that, anyways.

for now, all you get is this hodgepodge of a test site.

coming eventually:

A nice place to add updates and make stupid jokes. Blog style. A page giving a summary of my TMNT iteration along with a gallery of all 350+ pages of the comic so far. A page giving an overview of the lore I've created for my webkinz plush collection, and proobably another page where I can rant and gush about webkinz in general and show new plushes I find

A page giving an explanation for the worldbuilding on my invader-zim inspired story: the Turwin galaxy, with details on the alltrions and their shells and all the fun lore that goes along with it! And of course a page going into the lore and storylines of my lupisvulpes inspired dog story, Vahlo! I am also writing a novel called champions crystal, but I would like to give that it's own seperate website once it is published.

Heres a drawing I made recently! My three favorite fictional characters on a car trip, as part of a challenge.